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Frasario romano-inglese

BREAD TO BREAD, WINE TO WINE - pane al pane, vino al vino
WE ARE AT THE SHORT IRONS - semo a li ferricorti
I TELL YOU POPELY POPELY - te 'o dicopapalepapale
ARE YOU LOOKING THE HAIR- stai a guardaercapello
WHEN IT WANTS, IT WANTS - quannocevo' cevo'
BUT MAKE ME THE PLEASURE - ma famme 'r piacere
DON'T EXTEND YOURSELF - nun t'allarga
NOT EVEN TO THE DOGS! - manco a li cani!
BUT WHO MAKES ME MAKES IT - ma chi me lo fafa'
HOW DOES IT THROW? - come tebutta?
WHO WIRES YOU! - chi te se fila!
WHO HAS BEEN SEEN, HAS BEEN SEEN - chi s'evistos'evisto
TODAY IT'S NOT AIR - oggi nun e aria
BY FEAR! - da paura!
GIVE IT TODAY AND GIVE IT TOMORROW - dajeoggi e dajedomani
STAND IN THE BELL, LITTLE BROWN (DARK) - sta 'n campana, moro
STAY BEEF - staimanzo
I DON'T CARE OF LESS - nun me ne pofrega de meno
WE ARE AT HORSE - semo a cavallo
THERE ISN'T TRIPE FOR CATS - nun c'etrippape' gatti
I'M SU HUNGRY THAT I DON'T SEE - c'ho 'na fame che nun cevedo
GO TO DIE KILLED - vammoriammazzato
YOU ARE BASTARD INSIDE - seibastardodentro
IT DOESN'T MAKE A FOLD - nun fa 'napiega
I OPEN YOU IN TWO LIKE A MUSSELL_ t'apro 'n due come 'nacozza
SPEAK LIKE YOU EAT - parla come magni
I'VE MY LEGS THAT ARE DOING JAMES JAMES - c'ho le gambeche me fannogiacomogiacomo
GIVE TO THE HEEL, GIVE TO THE TIP - daje de tacco, daje de punta
YOU ARE OUT LIKE A BALCONY - staifori come 'n barcone
I LIVE IN HUNDRED CELLS - sto a Centocelle


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