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1 Ten Signs That You're At A Bad Zoo
2 The preacher buys a parrot
3 A frog calls a psychic
4 They're boasting about race records
5 Rabbits chased by wolf
6 Purchasing a new bird
7 The 2 Hunters
8 Ant and Elephant have romance
9 Sounds of the Wild
10 Installing a Carpet
11 The cat's chalkboard assignments
12 The plumber has arrived
13 These chickens want books
14 A guide to walking tigers
15 AnWorries about mad cow disease
16 Steven Wright on dogs
17 Three very tough mice
18 A good chess player
19 Difference between a cat and a dog...
20 A very insulting parrot
21 A snail buys a fast new car
22 A blind man in a store
23 A dog's chalkboard assignments
24 This is one smart dog
25 Two roaches having a discussion
26 Question and answer animal jokes
27 Chicken
28 Two fools are about to go flying
29 A cat's dictionary
30 The amazing flying dog
31 Elephants and Cell-Phones
32 Bear and a rabbit
33 You could feed them a lot faster
34 The Feline Diet
35 The Bunny and the Snake
36 King of the Jungle
37 I think that I'm a chicken
38 Baby bear wants to live somewhere else
39 Chucky goes to the movies
40 Seeing Eye Dog
41 Do Elephants Ever Forget?
42 There are no dogs allowed here
43 The three legged chicken
44 I'll use my seeing eye dog
45 Legion Camel #1
46 Vampire Bat
47 An amazing talking dog
48 A burglar is in big trouble
49 Never talk to the parrot
50 The story of the bats
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