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1 Is she feeling any better?
2 Benefits of having Alzheimer's disease
3 What should I do then?
4 Letters from charities
5 Doctor! I swallowed a pillow!
6 A doctor is complaining to a mechanic
7 How much will this cost me?
8 The prison hospital
9 My wife is beating me
10 I want to lose some weight
11 People are ignoring me
12 Will I live any longer?
13 Bad temper problem
14 An invisible man is here to see you
15 I can't find the cause of your pain
16 Would you please do me a favor?
17 The bad and the worse news
18 My son swallowed the can opener
19 Did you ever have this before?
20 I've got good and bad
21 We need to help these people
22 Did you take the patient's temperature?
23 I have bad and very bad news
24 Do you have a solution?
25 Preventive medicine belief
26 Get a heart transplant
27 A very interesting fact
28 Will this operation hurt me at all?
29 The results of the X-ray
30 A man with a glass eye is here to see you
31 Can I play the piano once these are off?
32 Get me an ambulence now
33 Put me into a fighting mood
34 I think I need a pair of glasses
35 I would like to havea second opinion
36 Doctor, should I file my nails?
37 Problems remembering
38 The Code of Ethical Behavior for Patients
39 Driving exams worry me
40 You're in great health
41 What is your problem?
42 Help me with my hair doctor
43 Does it hurt when you do this?
44 We are the best of friends
45 I'm gaining weight doctor
46 I have good news and bad news


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