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1 Public Speaking
2 Fifty ways to add confusion to dining halls
3 Picking on a tardy student
4 Looking back on photos
5 A bribe for your professor
6 College Prayers
7 Rules for apartment living
8 Tip the pizza delivery boy
9 Are you ready for college?
10 Terrible world history
11 Fifty fun things to do during an exam
12 Making an effort to help a "lonely" child
13 Spoofs on college names
14 Burger joint conversations nationwide
15 A lesson about blood flow and circulation
16 Math Problems
17 A lecture about English
18 MIT course evaluation results
19 Newest Discovery
20 The following are only learned from college
21 Would you please move your cars?
22 Why must we learn this?
23 Fifty fun things for professors to do on the first day of class
24 I Could Use a Little Money
25 Student Proverbs
26 Sweep the Floor
27 Discussing Grades
28 Kids' Perspective
29 Philosophy Exam
30 The homework schedule
31 A new professor's diary
32 New scientific dictionary
33 World history in a student's eyes
34 Impossible final exams
35 199 ways to confuse a roommate
36 The technical geek test
37 Fun things to do on the first day of class
38 Actual misphrased excerpts from student science exam papers
39 Tips to improve your writing
40 Physics disclaimers
41 Freshmen versus seniors
42 Geography Class
43 College Writing
44 Great School Humor
45 A parent's terrors of life
46 Do you know who I am?
47 History paper research on the Internet
48 The universal grade change form
49 I will do anything to pass
50 The prayer said before finals
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