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1 Simply wonderful
2 Listen to the voice of this child. Do not believe your ears
3 The mother sings. Look at the reaction of the child. incredible
4 Never seen anything like
5 Look at what does this newborn baby. You will not believe
6 Look at what does this baby. A true gentleman, many men should learn from him
7 Look at this park as a child. Do not believe
8 You will not believe your eyes to see what this kid is capable of doing
9 Amazing. The child starts early
10 Dogs imitate the baby. Who will win?
11 This girl discovers for the first time in the rain. Look at his reaction
12 Amazing what this baby can do in the pool
13 Baby Mission Impossible
14 It 's amazing talent of this 10 year old girl
15 His first disappointment in love. that tender
16 Never seen anything like. spectacular
17 Amazing what he can do this only child of two years
18 The father does not understand, and yet she is spoke very clearly :-)
19 The newborn twins in the bath, the embrace that enchants the world
20 Incredible. Look at what this child
21 Incredible this father son duo
22 Have you ever seen two dancers so talented?
23 I say that this baby dances better than you
24 The contagious laughter
25 Look at the child how he reacts to his favorite song
26 The child who does not love anyone
27 Better never to get angry this little girl
28 The mother sings and he gets excited and crying from happiness
29 The funniest compilation of kids dancers of the We
30 This girl goes by bicycle. But look at what it does. Do not believe your eyes
31 This woman is going to take a shower. But look what happens
32 I've never seen anything like it. incredible


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