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1 Politically Correct Santa
2 'Twas the Night After Christmas
3 A Microsoft Christmas
4 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
5 Signs You've Had Too Much Holiday Cheer
6 'Twas the Night before Finals
7 Question and Answer Christmas Jokes
8 The FAA Inspection
9 Some Musical Christmas Advice
10 Santa Hates Your Kid
11 A Mother's Dictionary
12 Optimist vs. Pessimist
13 What day is today?
14 The Chinese Pay Off Their Debts
15 Twenty ways to confuse Santa Claus
16 A parent's night before Christmas
17 Ten things to say about gifts you don't like
18 Short Reindeer Jokes
19 Your father is drunk
20 Christmas downsizing
21 Short Age Humor
22 Mom would never say
23 Knock Knock Christmas
24 Twelve Days of Fast Food
25 Short Christmas Jokes
26 New Year Resolutions for Pets
27 New Year Nerd Resolutions
28 Things proven to change the course of Thanksgivin
29 Thanksgiving dinner prepared by kids
30 A man forgot to buy turkey for Thanksgiving
31 The football-playing turkey
32 The blonde Thanksgiving dinner
33 The Twelve Days of Windows 95
34 The Night Before Christmas for an Attorney
35 A Martha Stewart Christmas
36 Thoughts and quotes
37 My True Love Gave to Me...
38 You Need to Join the Lord's Army
39 Enter the Pearly Gates
40 Ten worst gifts to buy a woman
41 The twelve days after Christmas
42 Halloween handouts
43 What is his occupation?
44 A geek's list of thanks
45 Short Father Christmas
46 The Christmas diet song
47 Italian Night Before Christmas
48 Parents evolution
49 Prison Versus Housewives
50 At the public pool
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