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1 Punishment for Gates
2 Try to explain women
3 Making comparisons
4 Entering into Heaven
5 Assign the punishment
6 Pick Heaven or Hell
7 He's going to Heaven
8 Clinton is in Heaven
9 Filling in for St. Peter
10 Bring riches with you
11 Fulfilling their requests
12 New Yorkers arrived
13 Gates gets punishment
14 What should they say?
15 Represent Christmas
16 The name of your wife
17 Picking a punishment
18 Leader of the HMO
19 Qualifying for Heaven
20 Reward for goodness
21 Careful when you wish
22 Sue over the property
23 Dealing with a lawyer
24 Is the wife in control?
25 Doing this great deed
26 A forester and lawyer
27 Each man gives a story


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