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1 Big 10 Inch
2 You looked a lot like my wife
3 I didn't get any money this time
4 Looking to buy a frog?
5 3 Vampires in Bar
6 Blowin Chunks
7 The knot
8 Who can say this sentence?
9 Making a bet at a bar
10 Make a horse Cry.
11 Newly issued alcohol warnings
12 In And Out Of Puddles
13 A nun arrives at the local bar
14 Body Building
15 Beer and a box
16 Spit on my beer
17 One Last Night
18 Drunk guy and the nun
19 Flush
20 High tech
21 Me drunk?
22 Two Irish Men in A bar
23 Cow Pat Lip Gloss
24 The drunk contest
25 Man in pub
26 Where is this bus going?
27 The Bar Basement
28 12 Shots
29 Twelve Inch Pianist
30 The Hamster Show
31 Female hormones in beer
32 Stumpy Legged Pink Dog
33 Furniture salesman
34 A pirate at the local bar discusses his past
35 A very depressed man
36 They are stopped by the police
37 A seal visits a local bar
38 A man takes the ferry home from work
39 I'm just trying to be helpful
40 I think I'll try a nicer approach
41 Bad luck finding a place to hide
42 I know you were drunk yesterday
43 My girlfriend is out in the car
44 I bet I can bite both of my eyes
45 This tells me that I must be drunk
46 Some yogurt visits a local bar
47 Some very common traits in two drunks
48 The number twelve goes to a bar
49 Does your dog bite?
50 A golf club visits a local bar
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